Hello, I’m Eleanor. The Better Brand Consultant.


Some of you might be wondering what I mean by this word ‘better’.

Well for me, it means two things.

Firstly, I am drawn to people that seek to drive positive change within their industries, change negative mindsets, and champion a better way to do business. Whether that’s a reusable coffee cup brand, or a sustainable fashion campaign; I work with people who are the change they want to see in the world.

Secondly, I bring over a decade’s worth of industry experience to provide informed, honest and valuable PR & Marketing strategy. My work is not about dubious marketing numbers or “PR fluff”; I educate and empower business owners so they have a better understanding of how smart media choices, on-brand partnerships and thought leadership opportunities can deliver real commercial results.



With extensive experience both in-house and agency side, I know what it takes to create culturally relevant and impactful brand campaigns.



I believe that the ability to build a great brand should be accessible to everyone, not just those with the big budgets. So I’ve created a range of packages to suit the needs of the kitchen table entrepreneurs, emerging start-ups and household names.